Signs You’re Emotionally Well

Of course, nicely shaped muscles are attractive, but there is a far greater sign of good health than just a fit body: emotional well-being.

Justin Donne
3 min readNov 16, 2021

Your emotional health has an impact on every aspect of your life, and caring for it is just as essential as caring for your overall physique.

How can you tell whether you’re in great emotional shape? Continue reading for indications that you value your health on the inside and out.

1. You are grateful in all parts of your life daily

Gratitude is the source of all happiness, and cultivating a grateful heart is a proven way to attaining emotional stability and well-being.

The willingness to appreciate any positive thing in our lives is a significant indicator of emotional wellness.

Reaching a state of thankfulness might seem like an exercise in futility if we have a negative attitude or low mental stability.

If you’re having these types of issues, take baby steps. Find something to feel thankful for in your life. Make a list, and then at least two things you need to be thankful for the next day.

2. You are considerate of others

Compassionately seeing others and engaging them with selflessness and goodwill is a sign of personal well-being.

This is referred to as prosocial behavior by psychologists. It indicates you’re sympathetic to other people’s feelings and needs, and you believe it’s vital to aid them.

It entails helping people in distress, even for things as easy as returning a misplaced purse to a receptionist or grinning and engaging the next person on the queue in a friendly conversation.

3. You take pride in who you are and the person you are becoming

When you are stable emotionally, you are pleased with yourself. You are acquainted with your flaws and talents, and you’re comfortable with who you are on the inside.

Also, you are consistent, which implies that the personality you present to the public reflects your core self.

Consistency in this context means that the overarching feeling of your essence is in alignment with what you project to the outside world.

Although there are instances where you instinctually shift your behavior or attitude due to social circumstances.

Consistency suggests that your overwhelming view of your innate self is in harmony with what you project to other people out there.

4. You Repair and Forgive Relationships That Have Been Damaged

Getting bitter isn’t constructive or healthy, and a mentally healthy individual understands when it’s time to let go of ego and power if they must rebuild a strained connection.

Although not every relationship can be repaired, attempting to at least hear other people’s side of the story is considerate and sensible.

5. You Place A Higher Value On Memories Than On Belongings

You see yourself valuing vacations, events, and dinners with friends over material goods, choosing the ethereal to the physical.

The same is true for social networking sites. An individual in good mental health will devote considerable time appreciating an event rather than attempting to capture it for others to see.

6. Your life has a purpose

Having a purpose, a goal, or a broader significance for your life is what it means to live a meaningful life.

This occurs when you apply your skills to aid a cause you care about. Working with children, becoming engaged in politics, becoming an active member of a faith community for a worthwhile purpose are just a few examples.


Emotional wellness is more of a process and a continual effort than a destination.

When we achieve a sense of balance and psychological well-being, we must nurture and build it as much as we do with muscles.

Of course, It requires time, effort, and a firm commitment to be resilient and emotionally well.

You’re far more powerful than you think, you’re competent, and you’re deserving of feeling mentally healthy and empowered, no matter when you’re on this path.



Justin Donne

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